Research-Induced Busyness and Questions?

So last Friday I spent nearly ten straight hours programming in MATLAB for my research project.  It was probably one of those things I can only do every few months or maybe even just once a year.  That kind of dedication would be unhealthy on a regular basis.  Nevertheless, it was extremely constructive as a one-time thing.  I literally solved almost half of my entire project.  It was great.  However, devoting that much time to research on the same weekend as my Academic Team Regional Tournament and the Super Bowl left so little time that I barely had the chance to do my other homework, let alone write on my blog.  In the end, I was just very, very busy recently, so this was the first chance I had to write.  Along the same lines, I had fun typing the work “busyness.”  It’s so close to “business” but is pronounced just slightly different and has a completely different meaning.  Semantics is cool.

My other goal right is to find a way to make sure I have great topics for later posts.  I said in my very first post that I would be open to almost any ideas (with a few necessary limitations) and that I would enjoy giving any legitimate idea the amount of consideration it deserves.  In case that wasn’t explicit enough, I just wanted to make it clear that I am extremely open for questions.  You guys asking me questions means I spend less time trying to think of something exciting to write about.  Instead, if you have a thought-provoking question, or even just a question you’ve always wondered what my answer to it would be, please ask.